What’s your favorite cake? Well for me, my Titelhelden fam and I bet for a lot more fellas out there it’s cheesecake. So the well known Hamburg based shop didn’t have to think too hard to get the theme for their first collaboration with Kangaroos, the Titelhelden x Kangaroos Coil R-1 “Cheesecake” was born.
Over the last two years I became really close friends with the Titelhelden shop owner Sven and the fellas from the Turnschuhfreunde Hamburg. We’re all very proud that the love and hard work the crew put in to the shop finally got rewarded with an outcome that couldn’t be any better.
The Cheesecake Coil R-1 is draped in a top notch white to off white smooth leather with leather lining and amazing details like the branded tongue tag, insoles and lace tips. The Dynacoil sole provides the usual comfort fit. Limited to 54 pieces only, this achromatic and timeless future classic makes its way to the Shops shelves tomorrow April 11th of 2015.
Nothing but tons of love respect to the Titelhelden crew on their first collab!
Please just continue what you started in September of 2012 and I have no doubt you’ll have a bright future ahead!