The 247 is a completely new silhouette from New Balance, its name coming from the hectic modern day 24-7 life we lead. Sure the colour tones, grey and blue, design lines and premium materials rich suedes and nubuck may give you a familiar New Balance feeling but there’s not getting away from the fact that the 247 is something very different to what you are used to from NB.

To introduce this new shoe New Balance have produced just 247 pairs all of which will be issued among “Friends and Family”. As far as F&F packages go this one is quite exceptional. The 247 came delivered in a dope special 247 edition HEX Sneaker Duffel bag, along with a sweet leather passport cover. Getting hold of this F&F version may prove to be difficult but the future is bright for the 247 and you should look forward to seeing what colourways drop in the coming months heading in to 2017.

Text by James Else

On feet shots by Robin Wemmers

Edit by Runnerwally