Mita x New Balance 247 Tokyo Rat 12.

Mita x New Balance 247 Tokyo Rat. 2017 is still in its early stages but already the New Balance 247 is making a big noise this year since its debut not that long ago.

The latest to drop is a collaboration with Japanese powerhouse Mita, who have quite a track record when it comes to hot NB collaborations. While the inspiration might not be the most appealing on first hearing it the “Tokyo Rat” which is a reference to the rodents of Tokyo that never stop, what Mita have produced is most certainly very appealing.

The mostly grey upper with a generous and inventive mix of materials is brilliantly accented with an orange pop, a combination that never fails to work well together. Not stopping there this sneaker also comes with custom insoles by the photographer Keita Suzuki with a Rats eye view of the Tokyo Cityscape and Mita x NB cobranding.

This sets the bar very high for the first collab 247, a very high bechmark to reach for those that are sure to follow.

Text by James Else

Jacket shots by Robin Wemmers

Edit by Runnerwally

Mita x New Balance 247 Tokyo Rat