Some of you might know that I’m very close to the Titelhelden sneaker store in my hometown Hamburg. No doubt that I’ll be attending the reopening party and of course I took my camera to document the event.
To honor their third anniversary the owner Sven and the Titelhelden team completely reconstructed the store. The new shoe display is basically made of stable fruit baskets from a famous fruit region called “Altes Land” a few kilometers outside of the town. You’ll now also find a nice little selection of streetwear from brands like Staple, Undefeated, Nike and Golden Denim for example.
The team did a great job with the stores new design by continuing the wooden outdoor concept. It’s practically a well executed modern update of the old design.
Big up to everyone involved in the face lift and the nice party. Like always I had a great time with all my fellas and I’m looking forward to the future of Titelhelden. Hard work pays off!