This special release should be one of the last designed by the former Solebox owner Hikmet Sugoer. Some of you might have seen the 1 of 1 sample of the “Blue Carpenter Bee” with the white Tiger Stripes and the varnish mudguard before.
The final outcome is a solid Gel Lyte III in the typical Solebox colors black, turquoise, and white like seen on some past collaborations of the Berlin and now also Munich based store before. A Solebox branding on the heel and laces let you know who put in the work.
The first 24 customers, who were camping out since Thursday got a special box including a glas of honey within their purchase of the shoes.
I really liked the nice atmosphere and that the guys from Asics Germany were at the release and personally handed out the 180 pairs to each customer.
All together another great shoe from Solebox with great weather, great people which is basically everything you need for a sweet release day.