The 2nd drop of the pack that features twelve Gel Lyte III collabs for the 25th anniversary of the classic Asics silhouette did finally happen. This time the Packer store from New Jersey had the pleasure to create their shoe and the outcome is a great quality pair. The unusual midsole color really splits the opinions about this shoe. From what I’ve read it’s either people love them or hate them. I personally really like the outcome especially the midsole color fits the concept perfectly. But I’ll be more specific about the pair in a separate post in the next few days.
The demand for this shoe was so high that it was the first time all pairs were gone the night before the release and people were camping out since friday morning.
Shoutout to the Titelhelden crew that got the people covered with coffee in the morning that actually was really needed because the night was hella cold. But anyways, I figured the people had a great time and it was a smooth release day as always at this very special place.
Below this post you’ll find a nice video recap from my homie