I just witnessed and became part of the biggest campout and most hyped runner release in German history. When I arrived in Düsseldorf on Thursday at 7pm I never would’ve thought that one hour later the list would be closed and every single one of the 200 pairs of the Afew x Asics Gel Lyte III Koi, which would be released Saturday morning, were gone. Luckily I could grab a smaller size for my Girlfriend who is now the proud owner of the most anticipated Asics release of the year. If you take a closer look at the shoe and the tremendous packaging you will recognize the love and passion Afew put in it.
I understand that a lot of people are upset they couldn’t get a hold of the kicks, but what I don’t understand is all the hate and even threats the store received. The Afew crew did a great job organizing the release and tried their best to please everybody. They supplied the campers with food and drinks constantly and helped out where they could. Obviously you can’t make everybody happy, especially not with a pair so highly limited.
I had an awesome time in Düsseldorf and I want to thank everybody involved for making the past few days very special. Big up to my homeboy Dead Stock Sneakerblog as well for the great hospitality!
Nothing but love and respect to the Afew crew for the outstanding event and shoe!