Nike Air Max 1 “Albert Heijn”

To mark the now cemented annual Day of Air Max March 26th Overkill with the help from long time friend and Air Max Master Iceberg have been given access to the 1 of all 1’s, the 1 everyone wants, the 1 that only the chosen can call their own, that 1 we are talking about is of course the Air Max 1 x Patta “Albert Heijn” F&F hyper strike.

It’s an unmistakable colourway, such a highly coveted item possibly one of the most desired sneakers of all time. When you look up “grail” sneakers in the dictionary, this is the kind of shoe you will see.

Over the years there has been mush written and spoken about the Albert Heijn’s it has become part of sneaker folklore. It’s very rare that you get a sneaker that somebody doesn’t have a bad word to say about but the Albert Heijn’s are one of the few that get such a broad nod of approval across the sneakerhead spectrum.

This sneaker is a truly spectacular design this colourway captivated Air Max lovers the world over in 2005 and 12 years later it is still doing the same and there’s no doubt it will continue to gain in stature and reputation long in to the future. It is a great shame it didn’t see a wider release but at this point maybe it is best that way.

In the meantime enjoy these images as much as we enjoyed being up close and personal with the greatest Air Max 1 of all time…..