adidas Futurecraft 4D family and friends

That’s right 4D! 3D is done, dead, in the past we are in the future now and the that future is digital light synthesis.

adidas with the Futurecraft 4d sees the footwear industries first ever application of DLS. We’re gonna call it DLS because digital light synthesis is too much to write each time.

This is pioneering technology and while we could go on in to depth about carbon, light, oxygen, performance, scale, speed, numbers and so on we won’t. We shall keep the talking to a minimum because let’s face it the more we talk the less time you will spend looking at this masterpiece.

It doesn’t require fancy copy you just have to engage your eyes and marvel at this amazing creation, so we’ll let you take as long as you need to appreciate the Futurecraft 4d.

This is a 1 of 300 Friends and Family pair with a further 5000 pairs for retail later in the year.