KMN is a German crew consisting of four main rap characters: Miami Yacine, Zuna, Nash and Azet and a lot guys who are helping to build the business.

While Azet is serving time in Jail the other three continued to drop great tracks and put themselves up to top of the German rap culture.

Miami Yacine’ first video “Kokaina” is now gold status with over 50 Million views on YouTube. This is something that hasn’t happen to anyone in the past 15 years and shows you how big the KMN hype is nowadays.

But KMN is more than just the four rappers. It’s a crew that owns and runs several businesses. Everyone has his task inside the group from filming to merch design till distribution from it.

Also their producer recently developed a microphone that transforms the voice directly to a Autotune voiceover which is huge component in every KMN act.

This way you can hear the converted voice as you’re singing and not in the the post processing.

To celebrate the official release of the Vapor Max on Air Max Day (26th of March), Nike visited the squad in their base town Dresden for an Interview and a documentary film of a normal day routine, which was filming the latest apparel collection of  KMN on that day.

My job was to cover the photography of the emotions they had when they first saw the shoes and the things they did during the day wearing and experiencing the Vapor Max.

This is definitely the first time KMN let anyone this close to them as they rarely give interviews or even let anyone film or photograph them.

I hope you enjoy the footage as much as I did enjoy the day with the super friendly crew.